Bhagyashree’s Healthy Dinner Will Give You Clean Eating Goals

Bhagyashree's Healthy Dinner Will Give You Clean Eating Goals

Weekends may make you crave all kinds of drool-worthy dishes. But it seems like actress Bhagyashree’s weekends are all about eating healthy and detoxifying the body.

On Friday night, the actress posted an Instagram Story of her nutritious meal. She dived into the weekend with a “healthy dinner” as she called it. 

What’s on the plate?

A green assortment of fresh . We see lettuce and other greens mixed with slices of tomatoes and button mushrooms. The salad gets a boost with sprouts and what looks like slices of grilled sausage. Weekends are surely getting healthier for Bhagyashree. Take a look:

But Bhagyashree doesn’t stick to healthy foods all the time. On some days, she likes to indulge like most of us. Can’t believe it? Earlier this month, the actress was seen gorging on a scrumptious lunch of grilled chicken. Her plate also contained a salad of cherry tomatoes, and lemon. That’s not all. The actress had a hearty meal with delicious dips and a thick tomato soup.

It’s difficult to miss the greens of Bhagyashree’s plate. During her vacation last month, she relished a delicious and healthy evening . The platter comprised leafy greens, , tomatoes and a bed of hummus. But we can’t forget the cup of freshly brewed on the side. The coffee time was complete with the addition of croissants. She also gave us a glimpse of her dinner where she was enjoying burrata cheese with sauces and basil leaves.

We saw her indulgent side when she posted a photo of a mouth-watering choco-lava cake with vanilla ice cream. That’s another kind of Saturday treat for the actress. The sort sent us drooling with a show of chocolate syrup all over it. You can make choco lava cake at home by following this simple recipe.

If Bhagyashree’s love for green vegetables has inspired you to switch to salad this weekend, here are a few suggestions. Here’s a recipe to make a superfood salad with kale leaves, chickpeas, sunflower seeds and chia seeds. You can also choose to make a mixed salad with grilled chicken. Add lettuce, lemon juice and chicken stock along with the chicken pieces.

Enjoy the weekend with some delicious food on your plate!






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