Arjun Kapoor’s Ice-Cream Adventure In The Maldives Has Left Us Craving

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Arjun Kapoor’s Maldives getaway includes everything you need to relax, from beautiful views to lavish food. Do you know what he recently ate? Well, let us tell you. Arjun had ice cream that will make you drool. We all love a scoop of rich, flavourful ice cream, and Arjun is no exception. He recently shared a Reels on Instagram, in which he is seen holding an ice-cream cone and relishing the treat. He captioned the post, “Ice Cream, You Scream!!! I’ve seen ice cream trucks in many films but never actually had ice cream from one.”

He also added, “Yes, I did eventually drop some on my tee.”

Arjun Kapoor and, actress , were on vacation in the Maldives. The two are having a blast trying out various dishes. Prior to the ice cream, Arjun gorged on a delectable breakfast, which he documented with a photo. His Instagram Stories that day showed us a slice of bread topped with smashed and poached eggs. On the side, there were a few cherry . “Avi Nice Day,” he captioned the photo. Malaika, too, shared a video clip that showed Arjun enjoying the poached eggs and toast. She wrote, “DND… Man at work.” Don’t miss the croissants kept on another plate close to him. Read more about it here.

Arjun Kapoor took his tastebuds on a ride during his trip to the Maldives. He seemed determined not to miss out on any delectable treats he came across. He showed us a picture of his sumptuous supper a few days ago, and it made us hungry. We saw a great-looking with some on his Instagram Stories. There were drool-worthy dumplings on the menu, as well as a dish with wafers and lettuce. “Delicious,” he said, tagging his trainer Drew Neal and adding, “I didn’t eat any of this, btw.” Click here to take a look at Arjun’s meal.

Arjun Kapoor is indeed making the most of his time in the Maldives with good food.

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