Arjun Kapoor Is ‘Breaking Bread’ And It’ll Make You Crave Some Too

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You may have heard of the common phrase “to break bread,” right? It is used to indicate a meaningful connection with someone over or a meal. Well, actor Arjun Kapoor, who is a at heart, has given a different meaning to the phrase. The actor has just added a twist to the phrase. Arjun Kapoor has shared a picture of a delicious food item made with bread and topped with what looked like cheese on Instagram Stories. The plate looked nice but it was his caption that stole our attention in no time. “Let’s break bread. Literally,” the actor wrote. Take a look:

Arjun Kapoor doesn’t skip a chance to treat his fans to glimpses of his drool-worthy meals. A few days ago, he posted a picture with mouth-watering dishes laid out in front of him. It was a Thanksgiving dinner treat by his cousin Rhea Kapoor. Arjun had a great time relishing maple-glazed ham and confit garlic mash. We also saw delectable preparation of baked mud crabs, macaroni and cheese on the table. Thanking Rhea and her husband Karan Boolani, Arjun wrote, “Here’s to Rhea Kapoor and Karan Boolani for outdoing the hospitality and food, one meal at a time.”

Arjun Kapoor’s food posts are often special when his girlfriend actress Malaika Arora cooks for him. Once, he shared a snapshot of scrumptious Turkish on his Instagram Stories and left us slurping. It was a classic combo of poached eggs, yogurt, and various chilli-infused oils. There was a green dip kept on the side. Arjun captioned the image with words, “Turkish eggs in Bandra brought to you by chef Malaika Arora.”

Arjun Kapoor likes to express his love for food on . Once, the actor shared a picture of what looked like a chicken with roasted flax seeds and sauteed mushrooms. The dish was garnished with some fresh coriander leaves. 

What do you think about Arjun Kapoor’s food diaries? Do let us know.

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