Anushka Sharma’s Yummy Feast Is Full Of Sweets And Snacks; See Pic

t9gr34mg anushka sharma 625x300 22 August 21

Yummy food cravings don’t spare anyone, not even those who are hardcore fitness enthusiasts. And is no different, as the actress had some lip-smacking food over the weekend. Anushka shared an image on Stories that showed a range of pastries, puffs, and other food items that she had on Saturday evening. She captioned the image, “Yesterday evening well spent.” We could spot some lip-smacking cupcakes topped with chocolate chips as well. The frosting on the cupcakes made us slurp. We noticed some chocolate pastries with floral cream detailing on top.

On the side of the table, there were saw drool-worthy cheesecakes garnished with blueberry, pineapple, and cream.

Anushka Sharma once relished a that looked every bit delicious and tasty. The actress was in London with her husband, cricketer , and daughter, Vamika. From her Instagram Stories, we knew that she had an Asian-style vegan meal at a restaurant. The food included a sticky sweet and sour-sweet potato dish. It was topped with sesame seeds and garnished with thinly sliced pickled daikon and radishes along with green onions. After looking at this, all we wanted to do was to quickly rustle up some Asian delicacies for ourselves. Click here to find out what Anushka devoured.

Anushka Sharma likes to keep her fans updated about her food indulgences from time to time. A few months ago, Anushka had relished a classic English breakfast and shared the image on Instagram. The scones and tea on her breakfast platter left us craving some for ourselves. She captioned the image, “Tea and scones on a rainy English Summer Day.” Take a look at Anushka’s English breakfast here.

Anushka Sharma had been frequently posting about her food adventures in England with Virat. She once shared a snapshot of black coffee and a toasted grilled sandwich. We know that sometimes, simple food makes Anushka happy. Find out more about Anushka’s simple and healthy food here.

We love how Anushka Sharma diligently updates her followers on her food choices. Keep them coming, Anushka!


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