Ankita Konwar’s Biryani Indulgence Will Make You Drool; See Pic

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There’s hardly any person who can resist the temptation of biryani. The dish can easily slip into the menu for any special occasion. In fact, biryani itself can brighten up a day. Likewise, it has added a good zing to the day of Ankita Konwar, model and actor ’s wife. Ankita, a fitness enthusiast, allowed herself a day of indulgence with a good serving of biryani. Her post is proof. We see a container of biryani in the photo she has shared on Instagram. She wrote, “Yummy in my tummy” and teased her followers, “Biryani you said?”

Biryani is famous across the globe. While we stick to some of the traditional recipes, there is also a great amount of experimentation around the dish. Notwithstanding the different ways in which it is cooked, biryani sends us drooling in a jiffy. Cooking biryani can be fun and here are some ways in which you can try it in your kitchen:

1. Hyderabadi Biryani

Hyderabadi biryani has its own fanbase. This dish is cooked in the dum style. Layer , cooked meat and fried onions and mint, along with spices in just the right amount. Close the vessel and let the vapours infuse within the ingredients.

2. Reshmi Biryani

Lovers of chicken will fall for this dish. A bountiful mix of flavours awaits on this plate. A good mix of onions, cooked chicken, curd, herbs and basmati rice can win any heart.

3. With Coconut Milk

This dish of biryani basted in coconut milk is aromatic, creamy and irresistible. Add leaves, cinnamon sticks, cardamom, chillies, herbs and coconut milk. The flavours will be too good to forget.

4. Malabar Fish Biryani

Have you tasted fish biryani yet? If not, it’s high time you should plunge into this delicious Malabar recipe. The flavours will melt your heart.

5. Zaitooni Subz Biryani

Want to try a delicious vegetable biryani when you are opting out of meat? Cook this yummy biryani to pamper yourself with a burst of flavours. You can add olives and broccoli to this dish along with other ingredients.


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