Amchoori Dum Ki Bhindi Recipe: A Flavourful Yet Healthy Dish All Bhindi Lovers Must Try

Bhindi is one of the most popular vegetarian dishes among Indians. Masala bhindi, or simple pyaaz bhindi, we love all forms of bhindi recipes that are regularly made in our households. However, if you are still looking for yet another new to make bhindi in a different way, here we present to you a splendid recipe of amchoori dum ki bhindi. The name itself has us drooling, right? Want to know more about it? Keep reading.

Dum style of cooking has been very popular in Indian cuisine. It refers to slow cooking on low flame, and this method has given us some stellar Indian dishes like dum aloo and dum biryani. This dum-style bhindi will add to that list. On top of that, the chatpata flavour of amchoor makes this dish so heavenly that you would forget about all other bhindi sabzis you had been having all your life. Enough said, now let’s see how this bhindi recipe, shared by chef Surjan Singh, is made.

Amchoori Dum Ki Bhindi Recipe I How To Make Amchoori Dum Ki Bhindi

Click here for the detailed recipe of amchoori dum ki bhindi along with the ingredients list.

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First, wash and slit the bhindis in the centre. Then stuff all of them with a mixture of onion, ginger, chilies, turmeric, , mango powder and coriander, sautéed in canola oil. Now either saute the bhindis or steam them to make a healthier version.

Do try this exciting bhindi recipe and let us know how you liked it.

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