Amazing! Street Vendor Tosses Food Across The Road And It Lands Perfectly

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The food industry has completely changed the way we eat our food. With experimentations and modern developments, people are interested in new dining experiences and keep looking for the ‘wow’ factor. While people may assume that the way food is being served wouldn’t matter, but they tend to forget that there is a reason why people like going to restaurants rather than having food ordered at home From eating in revolving restaurants to food being served by tiny trains in a restaurant, nowadays there’s so much more than just food to offer. We have found a video on the internet that not only adds the wow factor to the way food is served, but also has blown the internet’s mind.   

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In the video, a street vendor is green beans on one side of the road. Once the beans were ready, the man decided to toss the cooked beans across the road, where another man is standing with a plate. The beans fly across the road and land right on the other man’s plate. Don’t believe us? Then take a look for yourself: 

The video was shared by @beutefullplace on Instagram and it has managed to garner 29.1 million views and over 1 million likes. This video has gone and amazed the internet! Just flipping an on the pan is so tricky that one manages to mess it up, but this man managed to do the impossible by throwing food across the road and onto a plate. But this kind of skill doesn’t come naturally. He must have practised it a lot before nailing the food landed on the plate perfectly. 

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