All About The YouTube Sensation Who Makes Millions Just By Chewing Food

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has become an involuntary thing, something that’s like second nature to us. It is an activity which we all can do even with our eyes closed. However, can you imagine that this very mundane task has become a of immense fame and even a source of money for a YouTube sensation? creator Naomi MacRae has achieved internet stardom after videos of her chewing food have gone crazy viral. Also known as ‘HunniBee’ on YouTube, she has amassed over 7.68 million subscribers on the video-sharing platform. Further, the videos of her chewing food regularly clock in views by the millions, which sets the cash register rolling for her. Don’t believe us? Take a look and see for yourself.

But what’s so special about chewing food, you ask? According to MacRae, the idea is to generate chewing sounds and noises that make you relax and unwind. This particular category of videos is known as ‘ASMR’ or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – used to describe the sensation you get when you watch something soothing and satisfying. This relaxing feeling can be felt in your scalp, at the back of your neck or down your spine. The 27-year-old refers to them as ‘ Tingles’ and says that the aim of her channel is to generate this feeling to make you sleep or just relax completely.

Naomi MacRae incorporates interesting and unique foods in her videos and records all the sounds as clearly as possible. Edible hairbrushes, candy, desserts, macaroons, and chocolate bars are some of the foods that MacRae eats on camera. From crunching to slurping, crackling to whispering – the YouTuber uses an array of sounds and variety of textures while chewing food to help relax the senses through ASMR.

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The YouTube creator had started her journey a couple of years back. MacRae told The Mirror that she herself felt relaxed by watching such , and even sensed there was a demand for eating videos or ‘Mukbang’. She decided to combine the two and create an entirely new concept. “It was then that I decided I wanted to make this a mukbang channel,” she explained. “It only took three months after that for me to hit my first 1 million subscribers,” she said in the interview.

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