After Facebook Becomes ‘Meta’, Wendy’s Changes Name To ‘Meat’

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Social media giant Facebook has rebranded itself and renamed its parent company to ‘’. In an announcement on Thursday, CEO revealed the reason behind the company’s name change – intended to venture into futuristic technologies such as virtual reality. This will be a part of the ‘Metaverse’ which hopes to reach a billion people and generate business in digital commerce. Facebook’s announcement generated a flurry of excitement on social media, especially on Twitter. Fast Food Company Wendy’s, in fact, changed its Twitter name to ‘Meat’ following Facebook’s rebranding decision. Take a look at their tweet that has now gone :

“Changing name to meat,” wrote the official Wendy’s handle on Twitter. The tweet has raked in over 220k likes and 23k retweets since it was shared. Several handles reacted to the hilarious post by Wendy’s, sharing their reactions to the . Even the official Twitter handle for ‘Meta’ responded to Wendy’s viral tweet. “Nice to meat you, Wendy’s,” they wrote. Wendy’s replied to this saying, “Never meta face we couldn’t book!” Take a look at the witty exchange here:

Following the name change by Wendy’s, a Twitter user also enquired what McDonald’s could change its name to. Take a look:

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Several other popular brands too joined the fun conversation about Facebook’s name change to ‘Meta’. Gaming company and food joint too shared some hilarious tweets following Wendy’s suit. Take a look:

A number of other users had some funny comments and observations s to share on Wendy’s Twitter post. The quick puns and hilarious one-liners indeed got us rolling with laughter. Take a look:

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Wendy’s Twitter handle is known to be brutally honest and funny. They often take a dig at popular accounts online. In February, the burger chain had a face-off with celebrated chef Gordon Ramsay. They took a dig at him using his characteristic witty and harsh style. Find out more about this story here.


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