After Delhi’s Baba Ka Dhaba, Netizens Support Agra’s 90-Year-Old Kanji Bada Seller

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Social media can be put to positive and constructive use, and the past week is testimony to this. Netizens recently came out to support an elderly couple running a local stall in South Delhi by the name of Baba Ka Dhaba. The 80-year-olds had been losing customers due to the pandemic, and were not being able to earn a living. The heartfelt showing their stall had gone viral on the internet. Another similar video has surfaced on the internet featuring a 90-year-old Bada seller based in . Take a look:

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The Kanji Bada seller video was posted on Instagram by food blogger Dhanishtha who goes by the username @a_tastetour. The video she shared went viral on Instagram, garnering over 306k views. It soon made its way to as well where it amassed over one million views and counting.

The blogger wrote in the video caption about the elderly man, Narayan Singh, who has been running the stall in Agra’s Kamla Nagar area for decades now. “He has been selling kanji badas for almost 40 years and as of today, he is 90 years old. Because of this pandemic he gets to earn only Rs. 250-300 in a day.” She further appealed to locals to drop by and support his venture in during these testing times.

The video had the desired effect on people, who shared the details further in order to gain maximum support for the stall. People came forward in large numbers and bought the Kanji Bada from the stall. Celebrities such as Parineeti Chopra and Swara Bhasker also did their bit by sharing the video of the Kanji Bada seller. Take a look:

We hope netizens will come forward to support more such local street vendors in future as well. What did you think of the video? Tell us in the comments below!

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