Adorable Baby Chooses To Eat Cake Over Roti Sabzi, Foodies Can Relate

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There are days when simple, home-cooked food is all we want to eat. Whether it’s a bowl of Dal or a wholesome Roti Sabzi – these are food combinations that are comforting to practically every desi . However, there are some days when these simple foods just don’t appeal to us. We just want to devour something indulgent and delicious which will tantalise our tastebuds. Turns out we are not alone in these food cravings. An named Kabir Sood is the latest Instagram sensation who is absolutely relatable especially for his food cravings. In a recent video, the little toddler could be seen refusing Roti Sabzi and choosing to eat instead. Take a look:

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The video was shared on Reels by the handle @, which is where all the clips of baby Kabir Sood are shared. The video has received over 253k views and 26k likes since it was shared.

In the clip, the 23-month old could be seen in his mother’s arms. She asks him to choose between Roti Sabzi and Rice Daal. To this, the cute infant says, “No thank you!” When she asks why he doesn’t want to eat desi khana, he quickly comes up with an alternative and says, “Cake khana hai!”

Instagram users couldn’t help but gush over this toddler’s adorable antics. Many called him ‘cute’ and could relate to his love for cake. Others sent over cake emojis for the little baby and showered their affection over him!

Interestingly, this is not the only foodie video that has been shared. There are several other videos wherein the toddler can be seen enjoying a biscuit secretly or savouring the different flavours and spices in Lauki. Take a look:

Earlier, the baby boy had also gone when he asked voice assistant Alexa to play some Hindi songs. And now, we’ve found out he is a foodie too! What did you think of the little boy and his foodie cravings? Tell us in the comments below.

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