7 South Indian Snacks Every Vegetarian Must Try- Murukku, Bonda And More


If you are a south Indian food lover, we are sure you would know the wide variety of delicacies it has to offer. Be it the crispy vadas, murukku or the soft and mushy bonda, this star cuisine is a reservoir of mouth-watering delicacies that are perfect to pair with the evening cuppa! And the best part is all these south Indian snacks are not just super to make but also very light on the stomach. And for all those hunger pangs that strike you as soon as the clock strikes at 4 or 5 in the evening, these snacks can come to your rescue.

If you are someone who wishes to go beyond these south Indian snacks, then you are at the right place. Here we bring you a list of many South Indian unexplored munchies to try making at home. Sukhiyan, chana dal sundal, chukkappam are a few examples. For more, let’s start with the list.

Here’s A List Of 7 To Try From:

Our Recommendations:

1. Chukkappam

Let’s start the list with this one. Chukkappam is a south Indian snack from Kanyakumari, Tamil Nadu. It is best paired with fried items but you can also enjoy it as is with a hot cup of ‘chai’. Pair it up with chutney, spin a little to make stuffed chukkappam or simply go the classic way. Find the complete recipe here.


If you are someone who loves sweet treats to pair with your chai, this bonda recipe will perfectly fit the bill for you. These bondas are made with two flours and have a natural sweetness from jaggery and bananas. Find the complete recipe here.


Next up is our favourite recipe, churumuri. Laden with the tantalising flavours of chillies, chaat masala and tangy tossed with puffed rice, this recipe is sure to be your next favourite tea-time snack. Click here for the recipe.


Our next favourite is this super crispy snack called Murukku. This snack is one of the most popular tea-time snacks that is prepared in South Indian households. It is not only easy to make but too delicious to resist! Click here for the complete recipe.

Other Recipes You Must Try:


Here we bring you another sweet treat to please your taste palate. Sukhiyan (or Sugiyan) is a gem from the state of Kerala that one should not miss. It is a traditional snack that is mostly eaten on special occasions, family gatherings and festivals. For the complete recipe, click here.

6.Kerala-Style Jaggery- Chips

This recipe basically refers to banana chips, which are coated with jaggery syrup and look almost like shakarpare. This recipe is easy to make and is considered an ideal snack to satiate your midnight sugar cravings. You may store it for 4-5 days in an airtight container. Click here for the detailed recipe.

7.Goli Idli

Small, round-shaped idlis, with a classic South Indian tadka (of mustard seeds and leaves), these idlis not only make for a delicious tea-time snack but are also perfect for wholesome breakfast meal that can be made in a jiffy. Find the complete recipe here.

So, now that you know these recipes, try them out and let us know which one you loved the most. Happy Snacking!

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