5 Maharashtrian Non-Vegetarian Recipes To Tantalise Your Tastebuds

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Maharashtra is a land of delectable items. You haven’t fully explored the place unless you have dived into the rich flavours of its cuisine. And, if you are among those, who never tried out some spicy Kolhapuri fish or the popular Bombay duck, then you are missing out on quite a lot of Maharashtrian culture. The non-vegetarian cuisine of this region is simple to cook. But the homely vibes make it a unique gastronomic affair. Just to make things a bit simpler, we have curated a list of five Maharashtrian non- that will help you put together a great meal for your family at home.

Here are 5 Maharashtrian non-vegetarian recipes you must try at home:

1) Kolhapuri Fish

The Kolhapur region in Maharashtra is famous for its non-vegetarian spicy curries and green . What’s better than this Maharashtrian Kolhapuri fish curry mostly relished with . All you need to do is marinate the fish into a mixture made up of yogurt, lime juice, and some spices. Later, cook up the fish in a pool of spices. Chomp it away.  

2) Rassa(Kolhapuri style)

Another one from Kolhapur. Juicy mutton chunks are cooked in delectable spices. You can prepare this for lunch at home and impress your family members with your culinary skills.

3) Black Mutton Curry

Black mutton curry, popularly known as Kala mutton, is an iconic Maharashtrian dish with a black delectable gravy prepared with turmeric and red chilli powder. The goodness of spices and herbs will take your tastebuds on a joy ride. 

4) Spicy Malvani Curry

If you are bored with your regular chicken curries, it’s time you give a twist to your statement recipe. And, if you love spicy food then this recipe is your destination. For this one, the chicken is prepared in rich coconut gravy.

5) Bombay Duck

We cannot miss out on delicious Bombay Duck while talking about Maharashtrian food. Don’t get confused with the name. It’s not a duck curry. It’s in fact, a fleshy fish which is also known by the name Bombil by locals. 

Since Maharashtrian cuisine is loaded with spices, do keep all the masalas intact in your kitchen before you plan to cook one of the items.


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